Spaceballs in an action packed space-themed puzzle-chain shooter, complete with four game play modes, original music and superb graphics.

Mode Descriptions

Stage - Available in 'Easy' and 'Hard' difficulties. Stage Mode features 12 unique stages, each with it's own path, background, and level of difficulty, increasing as you go. Begin with one life and gain more through bonuses.

Endur - A never ending barrage of balls that come faster and faster and harder and harder. Start with 99 Lives, and see how you do.

Rush7 - Forget about having any lull time in this mode. Rush7 never gives you a break. 7 lives. Unlocked upon completion of Stage Mode.

Single - The hardest of the modes, Single gives you only one life, and sends out a chain of balls more complicated and tangled than any other. Unlocked with a highscore of 35,000.