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Current Versions

Please make sure you are updated to the current version before emailing support.

Geared (iPhone) - v2.0.7 | (iPad) - v1.30 | (Android) - v1.0

Geared2 (Universal) - v1.0

Puzzling Penguins 2 (Universal) - v1.07

Spaceballs (iPhone) - v1.45

iPhone Version 2.0.7 Common Questions

Question: Geared is crashing when I try to launch it. How can I fix this?

Answer: Try switching your device into airport mode, and then launching it. You can then switch back out of airport mode and continue playing. I am currently working on a fix for the next update that should eliminate this rare crash.

Question: Why are tokens no longer awarded on a daily basis.

Answer: The daily tokens have been replaced by the daily challenge.

Question: Why do I keep getting notifications about tokens or challenges?

Answer: Notifications are like reminders about special events that occur in Geared. If you would like to disable these notifications, navigate to your settings application on your phone, go to notifications, Geared, then move all switches to OFF.

Question: The first achievement isn't working for me. How can I solve this problem?

Answer: Version 2.0.6 of Geared had an issue where some users were not being awarded the first achievement. Completing any previously unsolved level in version 2.0.7 should award the achievement.

Android Version 1.0

Question:Geared for Android requires a bunch of permissions like my contacts. Why does it require these permissions?

Fix:Geared for android contains the scoreloop sdk which provides friend services and requires use of your contacts to compare scores with friends.

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